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School’s $2.5m windfall ( admin posted on June 19th, 2018 )

After years of striving for funding assistance, Hennessy Catholic College is the proud recipient of a $2.5 million grant to assist them with the upgrading of their facilities.

Federal Education minister Peter Garrett approved the Australian Government Capital Grant grant late last week.

The funds, which will be combined with a further $1.1 million raised locally by the school, will be used for the construction of a multi-purpose hall, associated pupil facilities and building services.

Specialised areas for technical and applied studies and the refurbishment of general and specialist learning areas for art, technical and applied studies are also part of the overhaul of the school.

Mr Garrett said the funding would allow Hennessy to continue to build a ‘new-new’ school with contemporary learning facilities that would ensure students could prosper and grow.

“This significant funding from the Australian Federal Labor Party will further develop and enhance Hennessy culture of high expectations for all students,” he said.

Principal Dr Peter Webster said the Hennessy community had been striving to obtain assistance for many years and that it was pleasing to finally obtain the support.

“Hennessy has been proactive in obtaining this funding to enhance the physical environment of the college,” he said.

“The enhancement of physical resources will further complement the quality staff and learning already occurring at Hennessy,” he said.

Dr Webster said as a result of the support, Hennessy would be able to expand the range of VET courses for students in Years 10, 11 and 12, which was important as the student leaving age had increased to 17.

Hennessy students would be able to obtain qualifications on site, he added.

“To succeed you need quality teachers, quality students and a quality environment,” Dr Webster said.

“This grant will allow the quality staff and students at Hennessy to prosper,” he said.

Hennessy Community Council chairman Thomas McGrath said the Hennessy community supported the building program and the benefits that it will have for the students.

THRILLED: Hennessy Catholic College principal Dr Peter Webster outside the school last week.

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New service to address mental health  ( admin posted on June 19th, 2018 )

SWAN Hill’s youth mental health service providers are set to be boosted by the arrival of a new co-ordinating agency within the municipality.

Loddon Mallee Murray Medicare Local (LMMML) chief executive officer Matt Jones told The Guardian his organisation’s first project in Swan Hill had a very clear objective.

“The end game is increased youth mental health service being provided,” he said.

“The shape of that structure of this program will help decide how the service will look, but the program will need input from organisations and the community to develop a solution that will address specific needs.”

Mr Jones said the new project, spearheaded by LMMML project worker Ian Johansen, would look at developing a joint strategic plan between the different youth and mental health agencies in Swan Hill.

“There is a gap in terms of a range of different organisations working together,” he said.

For more on this story, see Monday’s edition of The Guardian (17.12.12).

MAKING PLANS: Ian Johansen will spend the next six months liasing with local youth agencies to develop a strategic plan to address the current state of youth mental health in Swan Hill.

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MURRAY Bridge Amateur Swimming Club hosts country carnival ( admin posted on June 19th, 2018 )

Power: Ebony Story swims butterfly on her way to a 50-metre bronze medal at the Murray Bridge swimming carnival.MURRAY Bridge Amateur Swimming Club recently hosted what was probably the largest country carnival open for anyone to enter.

There were 31 local swimmers competing, with their families manning various stalls all meet to make for a successful day with almost ideal weather conditions.

Dylan Vandenbrink was the most successful local swimmer, claiming four medals for the day from all strokes and distances, with personal bests in fly and breaststroke.

Jenn Van Berkel was overwhelmed to win her first gold medal in 15 and under 50-metre freestyle.

She recorded personal best times in the 50-metre breast and 50-metre fly.

Ebony Story was able to pick up two medals: a third placing in the 50-metre fly and 50-metre freestyle.

She also competed in 100-metre swims for the backstroke and freestyle.

Savannah Story has steadily improved and recorded five personal best times, in the 50-, 100- and 200-metre breaststroke and 50- and 100-metre freestyle – a great day of achievement.

Zoe Underwood competed well in the 50- and 100-metre freestyle, 50- and 100-metre fly and 100-metre breaststroke, working on new techniques developed recently.

Lucy O’Neil has stepped up her training and has two new personal best times.

She achieved her goal of swimming under 40 seconds in the 50-metre freestyle and also reduced her time in her favourite stroke, fly, by one second more.

Gracie Appelbee must have been training in secret – she was able to take five seconds off her 50-metre backstroke and an amazing six seconds off her 50-metre breaststroke.

Zoey Lee Roberts had a slight improvement in her 50-metre backstroke but massive improvements of four seconds in her 50-metre freestyle and breaststroke – a very good day.

Annabelle O’Neil has been showing consistency in her swims, ready for big improvements at her next swim meet.

Georgia O’Neil has just been getting back into swimming and taking on four shorter swims until her form returns fully.

Gabby Huxtable has been concentrating on her freestyle with improvements in both her distances.

Buddies: Georgia and Annabelle O’Neil at country carnival.

Her personal best was just into the 38-second barrier and an impressive two seconds off her 100-metre freestyle times.

In the leadup to the carnival, Jody Martin had a bout of poor health which affected her training and her times, although she was not too far off the pace.

Chloe Roberts has trained when she could in between netball commitments and was still able to record a personal best in her 50-metre fly, reducing it by three seconds.

Her other swims were very close to her best.

Tahli Allen has been finding her strengths in the distance swims.

She had a slight improvement in her 50-metre freestyle and a big six seconds off her 100-metre freestyle.

In the 100-metre backstroke she slashed 15 seconds off her previous best time.

Holly Vandenbrink improved in three swims, taking two seconds off her 50-metre fly, three and a half off her 50-metre freestyle and four off her 100-metre freestyle time – a great day’s results.

Little Peyton Allen took a huge number of seconds off her times.

Her 50-metre freestyle was reduced by seven seconds and her 50-metre breaststroke by three seconds with correct technique shown.

Maddi Martin’s strength has been getting results.

She recorded a slight personal best in the 50-metre freestyle, with more than a second each coming off her 100-metre breaststroke and freestyle swims.

Avril Herbertson had her best swim in the 50-metre freestyle, slashing six seconds off her time.

She also swam in the breaststroke.

Alexandra Appelbee virtually stepped off the plane to make it in time for two swims, her favourites: freestyle and breaststroke.

Kate Sherman started her competitive swims with 50-metres in breaststroke and freestyle, showing determination.

Swimmers: Lucy O’Neil, back, Savannah Story, Tahli Allen, Jennifer Van Berkel, Dylan Vandenbrink, Georgia O’Neil, Zoe Underwood, Ebony Story; Jordana Martin, middle, Chloe Roberts, Zoey Roberts, Ophelia Neumann, Alistair Neumann, Holly Vandenbrink, Gabby Huxtable; Sophie Roberts, front, Annabelle O’Neil, Grace Appelbee, Madison Martin, Alys Bockman and Peyton Allen.

Sophie Lee Roberts did her best in her scratch swims, gaining good times in both her freestyle and breaststroke swims.

Jack Stolarski, who has been away competing in athletics and squeezing in some swim training, reapt the benefits.

In the 50-metre freestyle he dropped seven seconds and, even more impressively, a massive 14 seconds in the 50-metre breaststroke.

He also set times in the 100-metre freestyle and breaststroke.

Malcolm Appelbee could hold his head high after competing with young men more than 20 years his junior and finishing each swim just out of the medals.

Rick Stefaniak was kept extremely busy officiating during the day but managed to squeeze in a couple of swims.

Most impressive was a four-second personal best in the 100-metre freestyle.

Rebecka Pudney also fit in two freestyle swims while helping out with food preparation for the day.

Alistair Neumann competed in the handicap events and did well, making the finals in both freestyle and the BBB event.

Ophelia Neumann was busy manning a stall all day but managed to squeeze in a couple of swims as well.

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Government pushes safe sport for kids ( admin posted on June 19th, 2018 )

SOUTH Australia’s Office for Recreation and Sport is working to ensure sports clubs are places children and young people can be safe from abuse or neglect.

Sports clubs and similar organisations must now meet a series of requirements – including the lodgment of a child-safe compliance statement and the training of all State-level coaches, managers and officials in child protection – before they will be considered for some grants and funding opportunities.

More than 800 people from around the State have attended free child-safe training courses since 2011, and a further 20 courses are planned for 2013.

The office has also distributed 20,000 copies of its information booklet “Keeping Children Safe in Recreation and Sport” and supplied clubs with resources including a child-safe environments checklist and a policy template.

Office for Recreation and Sport executive director Paul Anderson said child protection was vitally important.

“Following changes to the Children’s Protection Act in 2009, the ORS immediately recognised the need to ensure all those working and volunteering in the sport and recreation sector were adequately resourced and trained,” he said.

“We can all combine together to share the responsibility for the safety and wellbeing of our children.”

– Details: For more information on child protection in sport and the requirements on clubs and recreational organisations, visit -Strategies.html.

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Council awaiting bridge advice ( admin posted on June 19th, 2018 )

TWO Swan Hill Rural City Councillors don’t believe they will be shut out from voting on one of the matters they have pledged to champion: the positioning of a new bridge over the Murray River at Swan Hill.

At this week’s meeting, a motion proposing to abandon the 9a bridge route was withdrawn by Cr Gary Norton, who said with one councillor absent from the meeting, he intended to bring the item back at the next meeting in February.

Councillor Jessie Kiley said she may have a conflict of interest and was seeking further legal advice. Cr Jim Crowe said he was in the same position.

Cr Kiley said herself and her father, fellow Councillor Jim Crowe, were merely covering their bases.

“My father and I don’t believe we do and we want to be satisfied that is the case, for community confidence,” she said.

Ms Kiley said she would continue to act towards what she believed to be the majority of ratepayers’ view — in oppostion to the 9a bridge option.

“It is my duty to represent the views of the majorty.”

The question of conflict of interest is related to the ‘Winki Pop’ Supreme Court decision in 2007, which resulted in greater scrutiny on councillors and candidates who might have expressed a predetermined position on matters yet to be voted on by their council.

In 2007, a company named Winki Pop successfully challenged a planning decision by Hobson’s Bay Council after a councillor, when still a candidate, had made a formal submission against a proposed development in the area.

The Supreme Court ruled the council had a bias in allowing that councillor to be part of the decision-making process.

In Swan Hill’s recent council elections, candidates Kiley, Crowe, Lawrence Moser and Bill Moar appeared in an advertisement headed ‘How to vote against 9a — and for our township’s future (supporting the view of BPAC)’.

For more on this story, see Monday’s edition of The Guardian (17/12/12).

AWAITING DECISION: Cr Gary Norton said he intended to bring the proposal, to drop the 9a option, back to council at the next council meeting in February.

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HARD BALL ( admin posted on June 19th, 2018 )

THE extraordinary council meeting on Thursday night to vote on a raft of recommendations including the 8 per cent rate rise was stopped by Cr Andrew Guile who lodged a rescission motion.

That rescission motion was then dealt with at the ordinary meeting on Friday night at which the rate rise was voted through.

It took some political handball to keep the issue in play, in order for the councillors’ vote to matter when faced with a tight deadline.

Council was supposed to lodge notification of a rate rise request above the rate pegging level to IPART by Friday, December 14.

An extraordinary meeting was held on the Thursday so councillors could vote in time to meet the deadline.

However Shoalhaven City Council general manager Russ Pigg suspected a rescission motion might have been lodged by Cr Guile, who had previously asked for a rate freeze until the community was consulted.

Mr Pigg prepared a contingency plan in case Cr Guile did play his rescission card.

“I talked to an officer in IPART about the likelihood that even though the council had a meeting on the 13th, there could be a rescission motion,” Mr Pigg said.

“If that happened the issue couldn’t be considered until the following meeting, on the 14th, the deadline day.

“They understood the politics of what I was saying and agreed to take council’s notification.

“It was a contingency plan, because it had been a hot topic of debate particularly between the new councillors and Cr Guile.

“The likelihood of having a rescission motion lodged was high.

“I was looking for assurance [from IPART] that if that card was played it would not prevent council from making any application if they voted that way.”

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Fatal smash closes highway for 18 hours ( admin posted on June 19th, 2018 )

TWO men died when a petrol tanker and a ute collided head on at 1.15am Saturday at the intersection of the Princes Highway and Jaspers Brush Road.

The ute driver, 22-year-old Ulladulla man, Corey Gavin, died at the scene, while the truck driver, 59-year-old Bradbury man, Kevin Schey, was rushed to St Georges Hospital where he later died.

Police said the accident occurred when the ute veered onto the wrong side of the road. The truck driver swerved to the left to avoid him, but they collided in the northbound lane.

The impact ruptured one of the petrol tanks, causing ethanol to leak on to the road.

The highway was closed until 7pm, although it was partially open at times, as Hazmat crews cleaned up the scene.

Traffic was rerouted, although a road closure for the Gerringong Street Parade between 11am and midday caused some delays.

An accident at 5pm on Bolong Road, at the corner of Backforest Road, also held up traffic.

Three vehicles were involved when, in heavy rain, a car entering Bolong Road spun onto oncoming traffic on either side of the road.

Both lanes were blocked for an hour and a 40-year-old woman was taken to Shoalhaven Hospital with chest pain.


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Charity offerings down but people power out in force ( admin posted on June 19th, 2018 )

THE groups that support needy people at Christmas are doing it tough themselves this year with charity organisations saying donations have slumped compared with last December.

But as financial donations dried up, more people were giving up their time to wrap gifts, prepare hampers and feed the disadvantaged on Christmas Day.

The Salvation Army’s Kmart Wishing Tree Appeal needed 330,000 gifts to be donated within the next week to reach its national target of 500,000 presents. Last year, 461,000 gifts were donated. This year, only 170,000 had been donated since the appeal started on November 14.

The Salvation Army spokesman, Bruce Harmer, was hoping for a last-minute rush of goodwill this week.

”As more people finish their Christmas shopping this week, we hope they will put gifts under the trees and we will meet our target,” he said.

The gifts were distributed to 300,000 individuals and families in need.

The Smith Family chief executive, Lisa O’Brien, said donations were down this year but the organisation was halfway towards meeting a national $4.65 million fund-raising target by the end of December.

She said many donors had tightened their own budgets due to the higher cost of living.

”A lot of supporters know that if they are doing it tough, then the people we work with are finding it a little bit harder,” Dr O’Brien said.

”We have seen significant increases in the cost of living this year – rent, electricity and other utilities. That does put extra pressure on people. Once they have paid for all those essentials, there is not much left over.”

Anglicare Sydney research and policy manager, Sue King, said the gap between resources and demand was widening.

”Donations are stalling but the need is increasing,” she said.

Last December, Anglicare Sydney distributed about $350,000 in emergency relief but expected that figure to grow to $400,000 this December.

While money might be tight, there were plenty of people offering their time, according to The Centre for Volunteering chief executive, Lynne Dalton.

”This is the busiest year I have experienced in my six years with the centre,” she said.

”When the economy turns sour, our business skyrockets. People think, ‘I want to do something but I haven’t got much money’, so they donate their time and their skills instead of making a financial donation. It shows that they are still considerate and caring.”

Businesses in particular had been keen to donate their staff in lieu of monetary gifts.

”The corporate sector might not be able to donate as much money as in previous years but they are happy to release their people for volunteer work,” she said.

Volunteer positions for the Exodus Foundation’s Christmas lunch had already been filled with helpers preparing festive food for 2000 guests on Christmas Day.

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Ex-Servo’s heads to final ( admin posted on June 19th, 2018 )

SHOALHAVEN Ex-Servicemen needed a lot of things to go its way over the weekend if the team was going to have any chance of making this weekend’s one-day series final, but the team refused to give up and ended the day with victory over Ulladulla and a berth in this weekend’s decider against Bomaderry.

Winning the toss Ex-Servos decided to gamble on the rain and sent Ulladulla to the crease first.

Aaron Wester (40) and Harley Bell (31) got things off to a flying start for the visitors with a 56 run partnership.

Trevor Thomason made the first breakthrough when he broke up the partnership by dismissing Bell. He then sent Grant Morris straight back to the sheds without score courtesy of the safe wicket keeping hands of Paul Meakins.

Scott Bowman (44) joined Wester at the crease to put Ulladulla’s inning back on the rails. A 70 run partnership took the score to 2/129 before Dean Jones made sure Chris Bramley hung onto a catch to dislodge Bowman. When Wester became another Thomason victim shortly after, the game started to tilt in Ex-Servos’ favour. Wes Holmes had other ideas and while batsmen around him fell for single figures, he remained calm on his way to 43, ensuring Ulladulla would bat out its full complement of overs to finish 9/185.

Best for the Ex-Servos’ attack was Trevor Thomason 4/30 from nine overs.

Ex-Servos started its chase poorly when Ulladulla captain Mark Jackson took a great catch to remove danger man Lain Beckett off the bowling of Wes Holmes.

Shane Halliday joined Matt Tyler in the middle and the pair worked a 49 run partnership. When Peter King coaxed Tyler into a shot that flew straight to Jason Linke, Brady Spelta (c S Bowman b P King) and Trevor Thomason (c S Bowman b R Thompson) followed in quick order.

When rained called a halt to proceedings for over an hour, the umpires had no choice but to reduce the required total to 161.

Terry Dorrell gave Ex-Servos a scare when he dismissed Shane Halliday for (29) and George Dickie(13) but the home side had plenty in reserve and claimed victory in the 27th over 7/161.

Valuable Contribution: George Dickie added 13 to the Ex-Servicemen total.Photo RACHEAL CROESE

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Can do people help local cancer sufferers ( admin posted on June 19th, 2018 )

THE Can Assist Cancer Assistance Network fund-raiser monster summer raffle was drawn on Friday putting more than $2000 into the local kitty.

Can Assist Shoalhaven was established two years ago and has helped 50 local residents in that time through financial hardship while undergoing cancer treatment.

The major prize was the box trailer filled with various items that has been parked in the foyer of NAB. It was valued at more than $2000. The prize was won by Phil Donovan.

Second prize, a Masport lawnmower valued at $429 was won by Kathy Harris.

Third prize a family pass to Jamberoo Action Park was won by John Fergusson of Bomaderry.

For more information about Can Assist Shoalhaven phone 44220705.

LOCAL ASSISTANCE: June Wardle from Can Assist, Sam Moore from Can Assist, deputy mayor John Wells, Can Assist Shoalhaven founder Kate Moore, Suellyn Mann and Tracey Sheehy from the NAB and Can Assist Shoalhaven president Lyn Gerstenberg at the organisation’s monster raffle draw Friday.

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