Piano is key to artistic growth ( admin posted on April 21st, 2019 )

KAREN Williams is to be applauded for promoting appropriate development to revitalise the CBD of Cleveland. However, Cleveland already has so much infrastructure awaiting utilisation.

It has a rail link to the city. With this, Cleveland has access to the whole world literally. It has the bay and a jetty already in Raby Bay to allow visitors access the impressive and extensive waterways of Moreton Bay. The bay itself has islands, beaches and communities each with their own identity.

The uncut diamond in the crown of the Redlands is the Redlands Performing Arts Centre or the concert hall, as I call it.

Perhaps not everyone knows what a treasure we have here. Those who have attended an event in the auditorium will have found the venue has among the best acoustics of any medium sized hall in Australia. The building is also attractive, its seating comfortable and its setting adjacent to the Black Swamp bushland reserve really is unique and reflective of the natural environment of the Redlands.

It is the perfect place for concerts and stage performances of almost any genre classical music, jazz, theatre, indigenous music and dance, musicals or ballet. It is also so accessible and inviting a contrast to the rather tangled mess that has become of QPAC and its environs at South Bank.

I consider our concert hall could host (now please, I am not a snob these are my preferences) medium size orchestral concerts, jazz ensembles, ballet, theatre and above all chamber music. It is the perfect venue for chamber music and would make an ideal hub for a chamber music festival.

Such events the Australian Festival of Chamber Music in Townsville, for example draw literally thousands of visitors each year, visitors from all over the world who stay in hotels, eat at the restaurants and enjoy the waters of Cleveland Bay in winter in North Queensland. The musical workshops and master classes provide expert training by the best musicians to local students.

They also bring in dollars. Why should we not have something similar here?

However, until the concert hall has a piano, it is a cathedral without the stained glass windows. A piano will allow not just my possibly eclectic choice of music, but also jazz, lunch time jam sessions, song recitals, old time favourites, dance music the limits set only by the demands of the audience. A piano is the key that will open the door of new opportunities in RPAC.

Chris Ayres, Wellington Point

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