Times change but we must rememebr to care about others ( admin posted on September 21st, 2019 )

OUR 2012 was a year of underlying change, whose effects will probably will not be felt until beyond 2013.

The catalyst for change has been driven by the increasingly fast pace of technology and continuing moves by governments to cut expenditure and shift responsibility for services from the government sector to the community and business areas.

Social media’s growth in 2012 has fractured intercommunication as well as expanding it. While more and more people can connect with each other, quicker with seemingly no geographical boundaries, this spread of digital friends and connection with random people has lessened the face-to-face connections we have with our friends and neighbours.

There is no reason why 2013 will be any less hectic in the expansion of digital communication. If anyone doubts the long-term changes in social behaviour emanating form these trends, should observe closely this Christmas the infants and toddlers in your families and discover why they are known as digital natives.

The other catalyst comes from changes in government administration, both local and state in 2012, and likely for Australia federally in 2013. The trend of all governments is to cut costs and therefore services in order to make their financial balance sheet as buoyant as possible. The decades of built-in waste and red tape in government is coming to an end. The long term results of this change in mindset are not known as yet.

Who will be the beneficiary of a stronger govrnment financial position? The real effects of the big 2012 cuts will emerge in late 2013, by which time similar federal government cuts will consolidate the structural change.

Our wish for 2013 should be an awareness by governments, business and here in the Redlands that there are those in the community who need the support of others in order to have a decent life.

We must not lose sight of that and this Christmas is a perfect time to reflect on how we treat others.

Have a happy Christmas and we look forward to being part of your life in 2013.

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